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  • Find the Right Local Contractor to Renovate Your Home

    Are you thinking about renovating your home? I am sure that you would like to have the project finished on time, on budget and also have the best quality output possible, just the way that you imagined your home would look like. A good contractor can be the thin line between achieving this or failing to. Many homeowners tell of how their homes cost them twice what they had budgeted or how they were left with leaking plumbing pipes when the contractor was done. Here is what to look out for to avoid landing on such a contractor.

    1. Get a contractor who specializes in the job that you would like to be done

    Nowadays, building contractors are very specialized. There are those that specialize in electrical works or plumbing works; others are experts at laying tiles while others are just general contractors. As a homeowner requiring renovation works, you might be looking to have just a part of your home changed. Make sure that the contractor that you choose has the expertise specifically for that area. You do not want to hire an electrical subcontractor to replace your kitchen cabinets. For more general jobs, hire a general contractor who can, in turn, get subcontractors for the specialist works.

    2. Make sure that the contractor is duly registered and licensed

    Working with a quack can be one of the biggest mistakes that you make. You will not only be in trouble with the law but also run the risk of losing money, time and having shoddy work done. Ask the contractor for their up-to-date licenses and registration certificates to make sure that they are registered. You can also confirm the registration with your local body responsible for contractor registration.  Here is a video showing you how to check if your contractor is licensed.

    3. Check the reviews and references

    As with any other business, a good contractor should have glowing reviews from customers that they have served before. Read the online reviews on Google, Yelp and Angie’s List for your prospective contractor and take note of what is said. Also, call up the references that the contractors give you as they bid for the job.

    4. Phase your payments

    Never pay a contractor all the money upfront. This is a recipe for disaster as they could abandon the project before it is done or even do a shoddy job. Phase the payments in a way that you will pay for only the much that has already been done. Ask the contractor to rectify any parts of the job that you feel are not well done before you can pay him/her the amount due.

    Follow the above simple guidelines to ensure that you get the best contractor for the job. A good contractor will make sure that the project is completed on time, within the agreed budget and will also give you a good quality finished product.

  • How professional accountants save your business money

    How professional accountants save your business money

    If you’re running a business, keeping costs low will probably be something you think about a lot. So when it comes to dealing with the finances of the business, you may wonder whether hiring a professional account would actually help. After all, isn’t it just one more avoidable expense?

    But there are plenty of reasons why bringing in an accountant would provide real benefits to your business. Here are some of the biggest advantages of hiring a professional accountant to help you out with your business money.

    Right on time

    Think about how much time you spend per month on balancing your books and filling out paperwork. Now imagine how those hours might be better spent developing other aspects of your business, dealing with customers, fulfilling orders or developing new avenues of profit, if you were to get a professional to carry out the same work. You’re saving yourself a lot of time, and with that comes endless possibilities.

    The profit prophet

    An accountant can identify which areas of your business are doing well, and which are losing you money. The benefits of this are potentially enormous, as they provide all the evidence you need to pivot your business towards maximizing profit.

    Tax machine

    Let’s face it, the only people who really want to think about the dry subject of tax are accountants. And that’s the point – the money you save on fines, surcharges and missed opportunities due to your accountant’s superior knowledge of the complications of the tax system is likely to astound you. An accountant should also know how to retool your business so that its tax liability is lowered too, meaning you’ll be in for less tax overall. Hard to argue with that.

    Protect your neck

    In the same way that your office needs security to guard your company’s property, its financial assets need protection too. And this is another subject where your accountant’s advice can be of true, lasting help.

    Ready, steady, grow

    Financial data is a powerful thing when it is interpreted by someone who really understands what they’re looking at. And by looking at the overview of profits, a professional account can help you to identify areas of potential growth. So if you are wondering where to invest in your business for the best possible returns, this kind of information is invaluable.

    So as you’ve seen there are many reasons why the decision to hire a professional accountant could really benefit your business.